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[image description: art of a curvy brown-skinned person in an open bathrobe, maroon with brown trim. they have glasses and long curly hair.]



[image description: art of a curvy brown-skinned person in an open bathrobe, maroon with brown trim. they have glasses and long curly hair.]

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Disengaging is healthy

Alright, it’s been requested that I address this, but it will be the last time that I do. Simply because I’d like to move on myself. Not only that, but I doubt this will be addressed. Such as it is.

I understand that wifely has been continuously mentioning me. I’ve witnessed it myself. And to me, and others, it seems as though she is trying to bait me into engaging her, arguing with her, what have you.

So I’d like to address wifely directly: no. I will not engage you. I will not feed this unhealthy obsession you seem to have with fostering drama. This will be the very last time I address you directly. You can continue to address me and call me various names and all but beg me to argue with you, but I will not be doing that. 

I need you to understand that. And again, I entreat everyone to take the same approach as I am.

As I doubt she’ll see this, feel free to pass it on to her, as I don’t feel like speaking directly to her in her ask box.


social cue shaming doesnt make it okay for you to ignore me repeatedly begging you to stop hurting me.



To go away.

stop replying or regfering to me

stop reading my posts

block me

and don’t you darre say that’s shaming when you knew to tell me do do the same

Just ignore her at this point. Seriously, it’s what’s best for everyone.

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(yes, I’m targeting all involved parties here)

  • Ableism. Not okay. This includes but is not limited to, triggering people into dissociation episodes, flashbacks and self harm (this includes people you consider trolls), attacking disabilities like aphasia and dyslexia (and spoon depleters like…

You’re still an enabler and this is too little, too late as far as wifely’s behavior goes. You held on until you absolutely could not save face any longer.

You know what else is wrong? Taking people who are sincerely upset about something and dismissing them all as “trolls” because of the Internet forum they hang out in. An Internet forum, by the way, where you are just as likely to find people consoling each other about the real human shit they go through every day as you are to find boiled chicken wank or laughing at embeds of “Careless Whisper” or collective anger at some ridiculous Tumblr SJW. No, really, a lot of people go there because it has saved us from suicide, relapses, self-harm, and other self-destructive behavior. It is full of real people with real feelings - almost entirely women, a sizable majority queer, possibly even a majority with disabilities, etc.. It’s damn sure not the fucking “/b/ for girls” you wish it was. 

You need to watch who the fuck you’re calling a joke. I knew about you when you were recursiveparadox arguing that trans people can’t sex our own bodies  just a few months before you began stylizing yourself as an ~angry~ blogging/Twitter superstar under the tutelage of that other abusive svengali Alyssa/Voz. I know whose ideas you began your ~career recycling. And I know how you treat people in real life.

And you know what else? You can also stop claiming to be “western poor.” You are a graduate student with middle class roots (and all of the cultural capital that entails) who was recently asking the Internet for help paying medical bills despite having insurance (apparently not even knowing that you don’t have to pay hospital bills immediately because you never bothered talking to their billing deparment). It’s so fucking charming that you encouraged wifely to accuse someone else WHO YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW of “appropriating homelessness for kicks.” You want to know what Western poverty is? I can tell you it’s not in the fuckbuddy’s house you stayed at for free or some scabies-infested crusty house where you had a blast overstaying your visa for a few weeks.

Yes yes yes, all of this yes. You are fantastic. <3

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and im sorry for whoever is witnessing my behavior [except for the person who is causing me to act like this], but everyone has a limit, and i have reached mine. i dont get like this, with ANYONE, but racism has been such a huge problem in not only my life, but others around the world as well, for…

Thank you. I was actually about to send you an ask regarding the subject. I understand your frustration - trust me, I really do - but the things you were saying were triggering to people other that wifely and were genuinely not okay to say. It’s not cool to wish anyone to kill themselves - if not just because wifely shouldn’t kill herself, but because you can seriously affect anyone else who happens to read that. And honestly, now that you two have had your tete-a-tete it’s easier for her to play up the whole martyr angle, you know?

At any rate, thank you for no longer engaging her.

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this girl needs an intervention at this point! i won’t engage anymore, i promised several people i wouldn’t, but:

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Fire fire fire!

There’s a bonfire happening right now, just outside my window. It’s great, but I need to keep taking little breaks as the smoke is making my asthma worse. 

Back out though! I’ll roast a marshmallow for everyone!


Venting post.

Alright, here’s what I’m gonna do. People are still clearly very angry about what wifely is doing - but if her almost gleeful responses as of late to someone getting angry at her are any indication, it’s what she wants. She wants everyone to engage her, even troll her. And I don’t think that’s something we should play into.

However, I understand the need to vent, I understand the frustration. So why don’t we use this post to get it all out, ignore her, and hopefully move on? Trigger warnings and censoring, of course. And if she engages, ignore her completely. Maybe a post like this will help, but ignoring her fully will help even more.